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Using a Small Local Builder, is often the same as using a Big, Project Builder like—Coral Homes, Plantation Homes, Devine, Ausbuild, Metricon, Heritage Pacific, Orbit Homes, G J Gardiner or AV Jennings. 

1. Finance—You can still obtain Finance to build with a small Builder.  The Builder will not usually Offer Finance like some of the larger companies do.  A Lending Institution or Bank will want to see a Contract with usually 5 Key Progress Payments—Base, Frame, Enclosed Stage, Fixing Stage, Practical Completion.  Most small local builders can accommodate these requests. 

2. Owner Builder’s License—You do not need to obtain your Owner Builder’s License to build with a small builder.  A Legitimate Builder, large or small should be Qualified and Licensed.

3. Price Competitiveness—Large Companies with a large number of staff, and numerous, big flashy display homes have large overheads.  They can use their demand for products to secure more competitive prices for materials and labour to make their savings.  A Local Builder can be just a competitive as they do not have the large overheads from display homes and staff even though the Tradespeople used may be more expensive as they will be running businesses of their own which makes them reliable and quality conscious as they take pride in their work being a reflection of themselves.

4. Plan Designs—A Project Building Company is usually very rigid about their plans.  As everything is organised in bulk, a custom change or variation for a client usually can not be adapted.  As a small builder is always pricing jobs of  varying sizes and shapes, they can usually adapt to any client request or can offer alternative solutions that are more cost effective and achieve similar outcomes.

5. Quote Comparisons—A Project Building Quote will be very standard, pay special attention to what it does and does not contain and the amount of the allowances provisioned in the contract.  A small builder, being honest in providing a quote for a home with the inclusions you requested in a meeting may be behind the eight ball in the bottom line figures when being compared to a bare skeletal preliminary competitors quote.  Many of our clients are people who are building for the second time, as the first time they built, they went with a Project Building Company based mainly on price and later discovered they could of built a better product for less dollars with a small local builder once they could compare the price they actually outlayed by completion—unfortunately then it is too late.   As a rough guide expect new building work to be aprox. $1100/M2 and renovation work to be aprox. $1400/M2.

6. Sourcing of Trades People and Products—As mentioned previously Project Building Companies reduce costs with bulk ordering of particular products and utilise their own labour staff, they are reluctant to make changes to their rigid processes.  If you have your own connections for sourcing some products you like or particular service people you prefer to use, a small builder can accommodate using alternative service people and products.  So if you would like your uncle to do the cabinetry and you have a friend who can get you cheap vanity basins a small builder can use these people and make everyone happy.  

7. Variations—If you change your mind about something during the Building Process depending on the nature of the change and when you advised of the change in respect to when it is to occur in the Construction Progress, with a small Builder, you could point this out and the change may be able to occur without any additional charges.  Some Project Building Companies charge a Penalty Fee for every variation, on top of the possible variation in price for the actual change. 

8. On-Site Supervisor—With a Small Builder, good chance the On-Site Supervisor is the Builder themselves.  Questions, Concerns, Changes and Updates can be easily captured by the Owner and Builder in discussions and depending on the communication, confirmed in writing.  A Project Builder’s Site-Supervisor may manage as many as 20 homes at one time,  locating them to discuss concerns may be time consuming.  This delay may make, what was potentially an easy fix for the Customer or Building Company, become expensive and timely to rectify.  

9. Overseas Investing—Some large building companies are listed on the Stock Exchange or are subsidiaries of Overseas Building Companies.  They are all open to Foreign Investment, so some of the Profits may not stay in the Australian Economy.  A Small Local Builder, will utilize Local Tradespeople and Local Businesses (some local businesses products may be sourced from overseas however but the businesses are still operating under Australian taxation laws).   

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