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About Us

About Ozset Homes

Ozset Homes is the new trading name of Oz-Co Builders.  This Company was established to highlight the talents of our Master Builder, Shane Rayner.

About Our Builder

Shane was apprenticed to his father who taught him all the elements of residential building but his father ceased trading due to medical reasons.  Shane completed his Trade of Carpenter and Joiner with another local family of builders, William Roberts.

Our Inspiration

Bill was an inspiration to Shane and instilled in him some important wisdom for surviving an ever-changing property market – a Quality Product and Good Value.  As simple as this concept seems, the delivery unleashes many Benefits to our Customers –

Standard Inclusions

Ozset Homes standard inclusions are above average, it is effortless to have a quality home built utilising just our standard items.


Shane draws on his, his teachers’ experience and industry exposure to choose a team of expert trades-people, contacts and consultants to ensure the delivery of a quality product.

Deal Direct with the Builder

Feel confident in your lifestyle investment when you deal direct with the Builder.  You are dealing with a competent crafts-person who understands your requests and the financial impacts.  You are not tied up in excessive red tape or feel like your requests will be lost as they pass along a long chain of messengers.


Many variations can be accommodated, if advised early enough, without incurring penalty charges.  We are very accommodating; we understand that building a home is probably the most expensive experience of your life and will accommodate you and your family for many years.

Our Customers

Our understanding of how important your home is to you has left our Customers claiming that they found their Building Experience with Ozset Homes enjoyable.

Custom Plans

We have a small catalogue of plans as ideally we prefer to Customise a Plan for you and your wants and needs.  Shane has excellent spatial skills and will optimise the use of the area of your plan to give the budget-conscious Practicality and Value for Money.

Versatile Presentation

Shane has quite an artistic flair and can usually adapt any desired Internal or External Finish to a plan.


Ozset Homes embraces documented procedures to ensure Consistency, Quality and Efficiency.  This sets clear boundaries of Ozset’s and Your requirements during the Building Process.  We aim to be as Honest and Realistic as possible when Estimating Prices.  We prefer to enter two agreements – Preliminary, which covers the Site Preparation work, which is usually the most high risk due to the unknown issues excavation can reveal, and a Major Construction Works Contract.  This method removes hidden charges or excessive requests for additional funds.


In Summary, we are a Building Company that listens to our Customer’s wants and needs.  We deliver a Quality Product that is Value for Money keeping our Customers Satisfied.  We keep the Building Process Simple and Honest so we keep to our motto of


“Building Australia Proud”

Specialising in Building New Residential Homes in Brisbane North